caporali: (Eric & Sookie 2)
( Mar. 11th, 2009 12:18 am)
Well, I stumbled upon a nice bit of news (new for me, that is!) from one of the CH forum threads, and here it is:

(2009-03-09 03:28) Question for CH: "I have a question regarding Eric's request for Sookie's assistance in determining who embezzled the sixty thousand dollars. Did Eric suspect the culprit was Long Shadow and use the situation to evaluate Sookie's abilities? Or, did he genuinely need her assistance to find the guilty party?"

(2009-03-09 09:44) CH's answer: "He genuinely needed her assistance."

Now, that definitely gives me the warm and fuzzies, after reading so much horrible stuff by Eric-haters. :-)

Also, does anybody else ever go to this Sookie Stackhouse forum? They have very good discussions!



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