I've been absurdly busy with work, so I haven't been able to do any spoiler-hunting lately... Any news?
...probably not so new for most avid fans, but here you go:

A reader from Sweden claims she found a copy of DaG in her local bookstore, read it, and yesterday answered questions and posted major spoilers (one entry was deleted before I could read it, alas) on the Amazon.com website. Here's the link to the discussion. The later pages are just fans debating. I wonder if "Sofia" was asked to cease and desist. :-)

She also posted this picture of (supposedly) a couple of pages of the book -- (supposedly) a scene from the (supposedly) very long Eric/Sookie bedroom scene:

If what she says is true, it looks like DaG may very well be the companion piece to Book 4... Unfortunately, though, she claims it ends with a nasty Bill-related cliffhanger. So far, she didn't say anything more about it (unless it was in the post that Amazon deleted).


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