From the TB wiki DaG spoiler thread, posted by mairemom9:

241. RE: SPOILERS - for Book 9, DEAD and GONE
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Another great line from the DAG. I hope it's not a double post:

Sookie to Eric:
“Am I happy when I’m with you? I put my hand against his cheek. “Yes, I am. Do I think making love with you is the greatest thing ever? Yes, I do. Do I want to do it again? You bet, though not right now since I’m sleepy. But soon. And often. Am I having sex with anyone else? No. And I won’t, unless I decide the bond is all we have.”


I also found this bit on the ceremonial knife, on the Alexander Skarsgard forum ( [ profile] rascalthemutant , thank you so much for the link!!!):

Posted by grapevine:

*********Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler*********

The Significance of the CEREMONIAL KNIFE

It's a ritual knife handed down over the centuries and used in important ceremonies and sacrifices. Now, it's only used in Marriage Rituals. It's presentation from Sookie to Eric, and his acceptance can only mean that Eric and Sookie are PLEDGED to each other.


However... As somebody else noted later in the thread, the problem here is that apparently Sookie had no clue of what giving the knife to Eric would mean. Ouch.

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If Sookie actually says that to him I'm shocked. I can't believe she finally admitted something. She run for so long that I really glad she finally admitted feeling something.

Of course E/S have to have conflict. I just hope at the end it's them together.

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One more thing. Apparently Eric is okay with this significance. Like he wants to pledge to her because he accepted it. So at least we know he is serious about her. I just wish he would be honest about the ceremonial thing. I just know she is going to over react when she finds out.

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Yes, from the spoilers we got so far, it looks like Eric is completely into Sookie -- like Book 4 amnesiac-Eric, but without the amnesia. :) Now, Sookie, on the other hand... We'll have to see.

ETA: Here's the downer -- another bit posted by the same person: "Re Bill... I think that he really does win back Sook's love. But, CH is so clever, it's not over for Eric yet. Eric does say that he has an explanation and that Sookie will understand. But we'll have to wail another year for the explanation! Grrr ;( "

"Grrr" indeed...

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I still don't understand how she can forgive Bill in only one book. That I don't understand at all.

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Join the club... I'm totaly baffled (not to mention the rest!) :(

There are so many Bill/Sookie fans and Bill lovers out there, it's just crazy. And a lot of them are old-time Bill fans from the books, not from the show! I find that really scary.

So many women stay with their abusive boyfriends/husbands, etc... Maybe CH belongs to that "if you're woman, forgive and forget" persuasion. It's just sad. I was expecting something better from CH -- something more like "you have to expect reciprocity in a relationship; find your equal" sort of message. Instead we're getting the usual "stick with the man who took your virginity, no matter how bad he is for you."

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I know what you mean and you should also stick with the guy that almost raped you. I guess that should be there motto too. Alot of people tend to go in books for the first couple that usually presented to them. Usually I end up doing that too but I never could get behind B/S. Even if Eric wasn't in the books I would never get behind B/S. They just never seem compatible with one another as a life time couple. They seem like the perfect first relationship but not one of those long lasting ones.

Well, I don't know for sure what CH plans. She could be trying to keep the B/S fans the last few books hasn't been very good for B/S fans. I just hope that in the end when Sookie makes her choice it's Eric. Because if it's Bill I'll officially hate the books nor will recommend to anybody else.

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I've been catching up with the latest comments on the Amazon D&G discussion thread... Lots of very nice Eric/Sookie comments. It's making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Very well written too, for the most part! :D

A lot of posters point out all the good of E/S and the bad of B/S. :D

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Oh BTW did you just see the Buzz on true blood community? There is quite a bit of Eric. Somebody just told me that Sookie moves in with Bill. I'm like they just started dating and she already moving in with him? I love Eric but this version of the serious doesn't leave me very excited. I will find out for sure if I'm watching season 3 totally when season 2 finishes.

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Oh, boy... No, I know nothing about any Season 2 TB spoilers. I've been keeping away from the show. So, there's some actual Eric/Sookie in TB? That's pretty amazing!

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Well, E/S are hinted at this season. Both AS and AP have confirmed it. But it's not a big thing yet. Supposedly Eric becomes a little closer to her this season and you found out about his past this season. I don't know much spoiler wise because I know it's going to heavy B/S wise and I don't really want to know to scream about it.

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Ah. Still sticking to my plan, then (getting the "Best of Eric Northman" on YouTube, that is). :D


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