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257. RE: SPOILERS - for Book 9, DEAD and GONE
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these are some pieces and more spoilers of "Dead and Gone":

Sookie to Eric :
“Am I happy when I’m with you? I put my hand against his cheek. “Yes, I am. Do I think making love with you is the greatest thing ever? Yes, I do. Do I want to do it again? You bet, though not right now since I’m sleepy. But soon. And often. Am I having sex with anyone else? No. And I won’t, unless I decide the bond is all we have.”

Sookie to Eric :
“It’s not like you were obliged to come fine me,” I said, “but I hope the whole time – I hoped you would come, I prayed you would come, I thought over and over you might hear me…”

Eric to Sookie :
“You’re killing me,” he said. “You’re killing me.” He shuddered beside me, as if he could scarcely endure my words. “I’ll explain,” he said in a muted voice. “I will. You will understand. But now, we don’t have enough time. Are you healing yet?”


258. RE: SPOILERS - for Book 9, DEAD and GONE
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Eric reveals the nature of the spell which made him run down the road near Sookie's home right after he lost his memory. *spoiler from page 96 of D&G

The curse was that Eric would be close to his heart's desire without realizing it (the spell was found dog-eared in Hallow's spell book)

About the ceremonial knife
"The knife," Victor said, sounding even happier. "That's its significance. It's a ritual knife handed down over the centuries and used in important ceremonies and sacrifices. It's not the only one of its kind, of course, but it's rare. Now it's only used in marriage rituals. I'm not sure how Eric came to have possession of it, but its presentation from you to Eric, and his acceptance, can only mean that you and Eric are pledged to each other."
"Let's all step back and take a deep breath," I said, though I was the only person in the room who was breathing. I held up my hand as though they'd been advancing on me and my "halt" gesture would stop them. "Eric?" I tried to pack everything into my voice, but one word can't carry that much baggage.
"This is for your protection, dear heart," he said. He was trying to be serene so that some of that serenity would run through our bond and drown my agitation.


259. RE: SPOILERS - for Book 9, DEAD and GONE
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About the curse of Eric:
"Do you know why I ended up so close to your home, running down that road in the freezing cold?"
His question was so unexpected that I was struck silent. I wasn't sure I wanted to know the answer. But finally I said. "No, I don't."
"The curse contained within the witch, the curse that activated when Clancy killed her . . . it was that I would be close to my heart's desire without ever realizing it. A terrible curse and one that Hallow must have constructed with great subtlety. We found it dog-eared in her spell book."
There was nothing for me to say. I'd think about that though".

Eric to Sookie:
"You want to own your own life," Eric said.
"As much as anyone can."
"Just when I think you're very simple, you say something complex," Eric said.
"Are you complaining?" I tried to smile, failed.


260. RE: SPOILERS - for Book 9, DEAD and GONE
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Sookie about Eric:
and that reminded me of the card Bobby Burnham had handed me. I got it out of my purse and slit the envelope with my nail file. I pulled out the card inside. Enclosed in it was a picture I'd never seen, clearly taken during Eric's photo shoot for the calendar shot, Eric (Mr. January) stood by a huge bed made up all in white. The background was gray, with glittering snowflakes hanging down all around. Eric had one foot on the floor, the other knee bent and resting on the bed. He was holding a white fur robe in a strategic position. In the picture Eric had given me today, he was in somewhat the same pose, but he was holding a hand out to the camera as if he was inviting the viewer to come join him on the bed, And the white fur wasn't covering quite everything. "I wait for the night you join me," he'd written on the otherwise blank card in his cabbed handwriting."

Eric to Sookie
"Bite me," Eric said, and he meant it literally.
"Why? You said you already gave me some."
"Because it makes me feel good," he said, and moved on top of me again. "Just . . . for that."

And finally the famous piece of Sookie about Bill
As I watch Bill, waiting with apparent calm for death to come to him. I had a flash ofhim as I'd known him:the first vampireI'd ever met,the first man I'd ever gone to bed with the first suitor I'd ever loved. Everything that followed had tainted those memories, but for one moment I saw him clearly, and I loved him again...........


Coolness: I just got an email from Amazon claiming I should get my copy of D&G on May 6th... I hope they're for real. :)

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Thanks for this. Hate that Sookie loves him again. After everything he doesn't deserve it.

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I'm still in denial, so I hope that reading the whole thing will give me an explanation -- meaning, that Sookie doesn't really love Bill *that* way. :)


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