So... How's Dead and Gone working out for you guys? I've just started listening to it tonight... I won't have time to really sit down and read until Monday. I've read all sorts of different reactions to it, though, so I'm getting very cautious about it. :-)

...and here's a beautiful one from Daydreaming:

...and this, just for the heck of it:

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I received the book yesterday, but I'm re-reading the four Twilight books at the moment. I'll probably start it sometime this weekend.

I've read all sorts of different reactions to it, though, so I'm getting very cautious about it.

Why cautious? Are there people who didn't like it?

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(OMG, your icon is awesome!!!!)

I've read a couple of comments saying that D&G reads like fanfiction; several said it's too packed with somewhat useless action (the fairy war,etc.); some complained about characters being out of character (mainly Sookie & Eric), and about too many characters killed off somewhat gratuitously; and apparently there is one blatant mistake (the witch sent by Hallow is killed off by Clancey in this book, not by Chow).

On the other hand, most people admitted that they read the book very quickly, and they were sure they'd like it better after a second reading. The same happened to me with _From Dead to Worse_ -- I hated it the first time I read it, and now it's one of my favorite. So, for now, I'm just listening to it... Once I'm done with grading finals and all the rest, I'll give it a slooooow reading. :-)

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Glad you like the icon. It cracked me up when I saw it.

Yes, I've seen comments that the book reads like a fanfic, too. Maybe in her haste to take advantage of her new popularity due to True Blood, Harris' style has suffered.

Interesting about the mistake concerning the witch. How odd.

Those graphics above are stunning. Forgot to mention that in my last comment.

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I love that art... I hope to see more Eric art soon! I found some more stuff last night -- not even vaguely as good as the wallpapers from Black Lagoon and Daydreaming, but still... it's all about Eric! :-)

I've been listening to the D&G audiobook. It's OK so far, but it is sprawling all over the place. Once I'm done listening to it and when I have a couple of days, I'll read the book. There's not going to be a whole lot of Eric and even less Pam, so... Well, we'll see, I guess! :D


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