There are some pretty darn good thoughts and analyses of D&G over at the The Sookie Stackhouse Series Forum. I especially recommend the D&G thread (for those who already read the book), and the D&G Eric thread (also with obvious spoilers for those who haven't read the book).

From lmb1309 - 3 days ago

Hey Rel, actually - I did kind of tie it in lemme see if this helps at all or you like it:

Going back to Pam's comment about Clancy & Eric in the Van. I think this is symbolic. think Clancy nursing Bill is what they do for one of their own. By Eric doing the same for Sookie, she truly is one of them. Not as an actual vampire. But a part of their inner circle. They will battle for her, protect her, respect her, care for her etc...
I guess what I am trying to say is that the whole thing in regards to Sookie is both ironic symbolic AND b'c - as you say Clancy doesn't know her & didn't try to get to know her, right?
And So look what has happened with those that have been able to get to know her. They have come to truly love her & not only consider her, but actually accept her as one of their own. All of them - Niall, Eric, Bill, Pam etc...

[Quote] And maybe whatever Eric has done to lessen the blood bond between them is also hurting/weakening him.

I don't think it is physically hurting him or physically weakening him. I think what it means is that it hurts him emotionally & that was what that line was about. Not only does he just flat out want to be together with Sookie but he wants be able to protect Sookie. A lot of people want her & actually want to take her away...or try kill to her. In this book alone we have the FBI, Nevada, Arlene & the Fairies.
After what the Queen pulled in DD, I believe Eric started watching Sookie more closely that's why he found her with Andre. When Andre tried to force the bond - that was it. He wasn't going to be fooled again when it came to him & Sookie. THEN in FDTW when Jonathan shows up at the wedding in the beginning - I think that totally cemented it & he planned to somehow figure out a way to keep her protected. Hence him not breaking the bond in FDTW. But when he realizes in this book that Sookie will never own her feelings for him b'c she can blame the bond - he breaks it. In breaking it - he was not able to track her & therefore, majorly tortured. That killed him. Her stubborness. Her blindness. Her denial - is killing him.
He's trying to protect her as best he can & she won't accept it yet wants him there. That kills him emotionally. She has no idea.


ETA... Here is a nice exchange regarding how Eric may have managed to break/weaken the blood bond (i.e., by getting himself drained):

ladsalot - 3 days ago
Although I believe there has been a lessening of the BB, I think there was also something else going on at Fangtasia that further delayed him. He already knows that she has been taken, don't you think he would have torn away sooner if he could have?! Sometning/someone prevented from going.

lmb1309 - 3 days ago
Well - if he was being drained - he wouldn't be able to physically leave right?

ali-oops - 3 days ago
i was actually thinking of the whole draining/transfusion thing earlier today makes sense. that also ties into pam's comment on how eric lives on in sookie, cause it's eric's original blood that is in her now, not as much in him...


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