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That is awesome. The only complaint I have is why is Eric not in a suit? Doesn't he wear a suit when he goes there even in disguise? Plus why is Bill dressed up he is being tortured at the time. I know these type of things can't be totally accurate. But I think the Eric look really bothers me for some reason. But it is still a gorgeous piece.

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Well, I guess it's all about poetic licence... It's still all pretty gorgeus looking though, and that's what counts the most. :) Did you see the new wallpapers by Black Lagoon that I posted the other day? There's one from Dead & Gone! :D

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Yeah, I did. Those were really good. Right now I'm trying not to look at other pieces of art because I might want to make art of the same scene in the future. So I try not to focus on it too much because I want my art to be different. But right now I'm not working on E/S art I'm doing another show right now.


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