I accidentally deleted my last entry!!! WTF?

I can't believe I had never read this before... I mainly read the Eric-related threads on the Charlaine Harris forum, and posters cannot comment on other suitors in the Eric thread, so it makes sense I didn't know about this one.

Then again, this had been sitting in the "CH Q & A's, Interviews, etc..." thread at the Sookie Stackhouse Series Forum since last fall, and I had never bothered reading those posts until today. Heh. I can only hope dallasmc's quote is correct. :-)

Q: 1060     BillForever           2008-09-21 22:37

I love Bill and Sookie, please tell me they are going to end up together. I love all the books but their relationship in the first book was so enjoyable to read and really drew me into the series. Now that she is jumping from guy to guy the series plots seem to hectic. Bill and Sookie NEED to be togther! PLEASE.

A: 1062     dallasmc           2008-09-21 23:38

BillForever, Ms. Charlaine has said that Bill and Sookie will not be together. Sookie has had three lovers. I don't think that constitutes jumping from guy to guy.

Original thread:

CH Q & A's, Interviews, etc...


I also deleted [livejournal.com profile] solsticedawn's comment like an idiot! Here's what she wrote:

"She can't end up with Bill. He's been too much of a jerk to her. I'd like her to end up with Eric, but I strongly suspect she'll end up with Sam.
AND, there wasn't enough Pam in "Dead and Gone." I love Pam almost as much as I love Eric."

Yes, Sookie may end up with Sam in the end... I hope she doesn't, though, because it would be one huge cop-out. And I agree, there was hardly enough Pam in this book. But if the theory that's floating around the Sookie Stackhouse Series Forum is correct (that Pam swapped blood with Eric to help him end the blood bond with Sookie), that would explain why neither of them was around to help Sookie at the end. I really like that theory. :-)


There are lots more quotes from Charlaine Harris in that thread... She also said that Sookie and Bill will never have the same kind of relationship, which is hardly as strong a statement than saying they'll never be back together -- but still, I'm back in hopeful denial... Especially after Dead and Gone. :D
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