Well, they actually did it: they cancelled Terminator.

I am speechless. But I do hope that this idiotic decision will come back and bite those hopeless FOX suits in their lily-white derrieres, with a vengeance.

Get lost, FOX.  You really deserve it.

From: [identity profile] thetragicangel.livejournal.com

I never watch this show but I'm sorry to hear it was canceled. I know a lot of people that like it.

From: [identity profile] caporali.livejournal.com

Thank you, Denise.

As i said many times, TSCC was the best thing to happen to sci-fi after Battlestar Galactica ended. I'll really, really, really miss this show...

And now I have no new good sci-fi to watch. :(

I'm mad enough at FOX to stop watching Dollhouse, too.

From: [identity profile] thetragicangel.livejournal.com

I'm surprise they kept Dollhouse. I heard that show wasn't doing well either.

Honestly, I watch very little shows anymore because the quality is severely lacking for most shows these days. It's really disappointing.

I wish they would have kept TSCC for another season. The new Terminator movie might have brought some new people to watch this show. They should have given one more season and maybe just a few episodes and see if maybe there would be a change.

From: [identity profile] caporali.livejournal.com

Unfortunately, FOX execs are notorious for their stupidity and short-sightedness. They've screwed up so many times in the past, when it comes to intelligent shows, that they should just stick with mindless entertainment and stop ruining the good stuff like this.



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