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It is.

I made a wallpaper from the latest HD promo. I usually post graphics in groups and I don't have enough yet to do that, so I won't be posting it right away. But I thought you might be interested in it. It's here.

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That was cool;) I so cannot wait any longer for some Eric *giggles* I'm hoping he gets some decent air time and it's not all Bill Bill Bill *gah*

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I think AB has a major crush on SM, so I'm not holding my breath expecting more (& especially a bit truer-to-the-books) Eric. :(

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Ah but Alex said this in a recent Norwegian interview:

Tell us a little about your character in True Blood?
- We are filming season 2 where my character, Eric Northman, is a real Viking vampire and gangleader who has lived for a 1000 years. Parts of my dialogue is in Swedish, and a few months ago we made a whole scene that takes place during the Swedish Viking age, Alexander Skarsgård tells.
- In True Blood the vampires live openly side by side with normal human beings. The main character Sookie, played by Anna Paquin, can read minds and has a relationship with one of the bloodsuckers. When Northman gets fascinated by her, an intense triangular drama starts, Skarsgård reveals.

Doesn't that inspire hope for more Eric?

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Yes, it definitely does! :D Thank you for posting this... I had no idea Alex had said this! It does give me hope. :)


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