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There are some pretty darn good thoughts and analyses of D&G over at the The Sookie Stackhouse Series Forum. I especially recommend the D&G thread (for those who already read the book), and the D&G Eric thread (also with obvious spoilers for those who haven't read the book).

Here is one tiny bit from the forum, a poster's interpretation of the 'You are killing me' line. )
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( May. 11th, 2009 02:24 am)
So, I'm procrastinating again...

Final grades are due tomorrow, so I'm in a total panic. :-) Hence the following totally insane, Dead & Gone-related video:

Over here )
Click here for spoilers )
I sent an email to Sofia the other day, asking a quick question about DaG, and she kindly sent me an answer.

Over here )
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Ok, ladies and Gents I just found a little more spoilers

*For those who read Dead and Gone* I just finished reading Dead and Gone...I loved it, especially Eric and Sookie...but I was wondering for those of you who have read it...what do you think Eric was doing when Sookie needed him at the end of the book? He hesitated when she asked him and never gave an answer...he said he is going to tell her...just wondering...and what do you think of the last comment from Pam when she says quietly that Eric lives on in Sookie?

What do you think it means? I am trying to get more info for us!

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How the hell did you get the book?? I'm still wondering!


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I don't have it but a girl in another forum does.. So I am trying to get her to answer some questions... lol trust me I am going nuts here. Even though I will have my copy on Tuesday I don't think I am going to make it til

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I haven't read it but wonder as well. Didn't one of the first book reviewers (Elizabeth at GoodReads) ask the questions "Why does Sookie think that Bill was more willing to risk his life for her than Eric? Why was Eric detained? "

Loving True Blood in Dallas had the comment on her blog.


(Original thread)

...Any takers? :-)

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From Sofia, again.

These were posted on the Internet Movie database 3 days ago: )
...probably not so new for most avid fans, but here you go:

A reader from Sweden claims she found a copy of DaG in her local bookstore, read it, and yesterday answered questions and posted major spoilers (one entry was deleted before I could read it, alas) on the website. Here's the link to the discussion. The later pages are just fans debating. I wonder if "Sofia" was asked to cease and desist. :-)

She also posted this picture of (supposedly) a couple of pages of the book -- (supposedly) a scene from the (supposedly) very long Eric/Sookie bedroom scene:

If what she says is true, it looks like DaG may very well be the companion piece to Book 4... Unfortunately, though, she claims it ends with a nasty Bill-related cliffhanger. So far, she didn't say anything more about it (unless it was in the post that Amazon deleted).
I've been absurdly busy with work, so I haven't been able to do any spoiler-hunting lately... Any news?

"There is a big, monumental, gigantic, and huge payoff that many series readers have been waiting for." ...What the frack does that mean?
...Here is the link to Season 1 Eric!

(MegaUpload, 122 MB ca., WMV file)

And here is a list of what we know so far about Dead and Gone ... It was compiled by KiwiGirl for the Charlaine Harris forum. It's a list of spoilers, so click at your own risk. :)