caporali: (Ghostly Fangs)
( Mar. 6th, 2009 10:43 pm)

So, after a deadly long day at work, I finally sit at my computer and find out Vimeo deleted ALL my videos, every single one of them -- no warning. That's even worse than YouTube, if that's even imaginable. Neat, huh?

I went ahead and deleted my Vimeo account. I'll see if I can find another place to put my stuff up, but short of buying a website where I can store my files, which I cannot afford, I don't know if there's any safe place out there. :( I suppose I could just upload the files on Megaupload and post the links, but if nobody downloads them, after a while, they get deleted. Bah. It's a hard life for video freaks like yours truly, I guess.

On top of all that, I was so tired I actually fell asleep during Terminator - SCC... and I missed the entire second half of the show! So I'll have to go and look for the darn episode on the internet (gotta find out what happened, after all). Yes, this can all make me very grumpy. Gotta think happy thoughts....


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